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The lipstick you HAVE to try!

Let’s talk lipsticks for a second. I’m sure most of us have tried a bajillion kinds. Lucky for you, I found THE lipstick and you have to try it. I’m sure you’ll love it. First off, a little burn Yearrrrrrssss ago (circa 1999) I got a sunburn on my lips. Bad. Remember those mini flavored lip balms? Some with shimmer…

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Losing someone you never met.

“Hi. How are you?” “Hey girl, just wanted to check in.” “Been thinking of you. How are you holding up?” *deep breath in* *hold* *out* I’ve been getting these messages a lot over the last couple months. It really makes me so happy to know that I have some seriously amazing people who care about me. Some women I’ve never…

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Patience… something I’m not very good at. So I hate to ask you to do the same. BUT, if you are, it will be worth it. Things are happening. Things are coming. Looking for our shop? Look below for links. Love you all! Cindy